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Top 6 Digital Skills to Improve Your Employability in 2022

We all live in an era where Smart TVs, self-driving cars, Artificial Intelligence robots and so forth have become a no-brainer. It is safe to say that Digital Transformation has taken the world by storm, and the job market is no exception. 

Therefore, if you are a new-age professional seeking career advancement and better income earning opportunities, now is the right time to fill the skill gap in the Digital Marketing industry. Upskilling yourself in the digital space will make you irresistibly employable and relevant in the eyes of recruiters. 

If that excites you but also makes you wonder which digital skills you need to be targeting for 2022, you have come to the right place. As a Digital Marketing Institute in Raipur, we support the youth to develop any of the six digital skills mentioned in this blog to ensure they land well-paying jobs across industries. 

Let’s first define digital skills, what sparked their demand, and lastly, move on to which skills to aim for in 2022. 

What are digital skills?

UNESCO defines digital skills as communicating, accessing, and managing information using digital devices, applications, and networks. 

In the professional context, acquiring digital skills empowers individuals to create and promote content online in front of a wider audience, communicate effectively and address the pain points of their target market.

What led to the rise in demand for digital skills?

With more people turning to digital methods for shopping and information research, all companies, regardless of their industry or size, have realised the importance of digital skills to generate leads, raise brand awareness, maintain a positive online reputation, and engage with the target audience and eventually earn their loyalty. 

Moreover, with the invention of several digital devices, technological advancements, and businesses moving online, the demand for digital and technical skills has skyrocketed.

Top 6 Digital Skills that are must-have in 2022

According to several Digital Marketing Institutes in Raipur, the increasing demand for digital skills is expected to continue in years to come. Therefore, these institutes have developed their own Digital Marketing Course In Raipur to make the youth more employable and future-proof their professional lives. 

Therefore, let’s dive into the skills these Digital Marketing Courses in Raipur claim to teach their students

Website Designing and App Development

Coding is one of the most challenging and in-demand skills by recruiters who require someone to create aesthetically pleasing and highly functional websites and maintain and update them regularly. 

Web developers must be familiar with scripting and programming languages, such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, PHP/SQL, Python Programming, MongoDB, and CMS systems like WordPress.

Social Media Marketing

Whether it’s a startup, small business, or a well-established company, posting on multiple social media platforms using moment marketing, ephemeral marketing, and storytelling; building relationships between brands, influencers, and consumers; engaging with the intended audience in a way that drives traffic to their website or product for potential conversion is essential. 

At VIDA, a Digital Marketing Institute in Raipur, students are taught the nuances of each platform, including YouTube and TikTok marketing, and strategies to maximize community engagement.

Pay-per-click advertising

Companies with large marketing budgets pay Search Engines every time someone clicks on their ad. The strategy helps businesses rank on the first page of Google, allowing them to increase traffic to their website and double their conversion rate.

Graphic Designing

It involves creating visual content based on creativity. To optimise the user experience, professionals should keep in mind the page layout techniques, typography, and colour palette while focusing on displaying the elements in an interactive manner.

Content Marketing

Content plays a crucial role in establishing brands as thought leaders. A content marketer is responsible for conceptualising engaging content such as blogs, podcasts, infographics, and social media posts. Moreover, they should be proficient in keyword research and optimisation as well.

Data Analytics

By analysing data, a digital marketer can gain quantitative insight into the effectiveness of a campaign and optimise ROI. Data is a goldmine of information for discovering the right target audience and determining what media channels to use to attract and retain their attention. Therefore, a data analyst’s responsibility is to interpret data, derive conclusions from it, and make sense of it.

Wrapping Up

Gone are the days when digital skills were an optional specialization to undertake any marketing or advertising activity. There is no way for companies to survive the cut-throat competition without a clear Digital Marketing roadmap. 

Several Universities, colleges, and training centres are adapting their curriculum in response to the growing demand for digital skills. VIDA is one such Digital Marketing institute in Raipur that helps its students develop soft and hard skills needed to succeed in the Digital Marketing field. Aside from practical case study discussions and guest lectures from industry leaders, their Digital Marketing course in Raipur guarantees proficiency in 20+ tools.

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