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6 Reasons Digital Marketing is Great for Your Career

If you are considering a career in digital marketing, you’re in luck! Digital marketing is a highly in-demand field, with 62% of the population in India using social media and approximately 200 million online shoppers. As a result, businesses are turning to digital marketing professionals to help increase brand popularity and sales, making it a crucial and highly valued profession. 

This blog will discuss six reasons you should enrol in a digital marketing course and highlight benefits of joining an agency based institute (just like our digital marketing institute in Raipur). Let’s start. 


As the internet becomes increasingly popular, more businesses recognise the need to establish an online presence. 

A study found that over 50% of e-commerce sales were influenced by some form of digital advertisement. Many CMOs have reported that digital marketing will make up 57% of their total budget in the coming years. These trends highlight the increasing importance of digital marketers. 

But, according to Market hiring trends, there is currently a shortage of qualified digital marketers, with a gap of 59% in demand and 19% in supply. 

VIDA allows students taking our digital marketing course in Raipur to observe firsthand how businesses are eager to establish their online presence and how our agency acquires and serves these clients.


Recession in 2023, for sure. – IMF MD 

As long as people are using the internet and they are addicted, there will be a need for digital marketers. 

It might seem counterintuitive to think of digital marketing as a recession-proof career because it is focused on selling online, and economic activity sinks during a recession. But it is the same reason to be recession-proof.

During economic downturns, it is critical for businesses to maintain sales to survive. Therefore, they need skilled digital marketers who can convince people to spend their money during such hard times. 

At our digital marketing institute in Raipur, we put in additional time & energy to help students understand core consumer psychology so they can sell and prosper even during hard times.


If you’re just starting out in digital marketing, you can expect to initially earn around INR 2,00,000 – 4,00,000 per year. However, keep in mind that this is based on a course rather than a degree and can be obtained relatively quickly. 

As you gain experience and expertise, your salary can increase exponentially to INR 10,00,000 – 12,00,000 per year. 

Another option is to become a freelancer or start your own digital marketing agency. Get the opportunity to meet both entrepreneurs and professionals in our digital marketing institute in Raipur and get a holistic economic view of the industry.


You do not require a specific degree or qualification to become a digital marketer.. With a certification from a reputable institution, anyone can enter this field. 

Curiosity and creativity are the key skills required to become a successful digital marketer.. As the field is constantly evolving, it is essential to stay current on trends and advancements. Additionally, being able to apply these trends and advancements creatively is also crucial. 

VIDA is an agency-based institute, and our digital marketing course in Raipur provides actionable insights and strategies to successfully navigate the industry, as well as opportunities for internships and placements upon completion of the course.


Digital marketing is a diverse field that covers a range of areas, including SEM, SEO, social media marketing, and content marketing. It offers you the opportunity to engage both your creative and technical aspects to effectively promote products or services online and reach target audiences through various digital channels. 

It goes beyond creating and running ads online and involves analysing them to gain a deeper understanding of business insights.

Digital Marketing = Art + Mathematics; this is our philosophy at VIDA. In our digital marketing institute in Raipur, classes are specially designed to help students explore their creative potential through brainstorming and tap into their technical skills by learning industry-relevant tools.


As a digital marketer, you will develop a variety of skills that are essential for entrepreneurship. These skills include strong communication skills, meeting deadlines, managing client relationships, staying up-to-date on market trends, and making informed decisions regarding brand promotion. 

By creating targeted campaigns and optimised landing pages, you can drive traffic to your website and increase conversions. You can also enhance customer loyalty and awareness to expand your reach. 

VIDA is an initiative by our digital marketing agency Vaya Media. We are passionate about entrepreneurship and aim to promote it and empower our students to succeed as business owners. That’s why we have included personal development and specialised advertising classes in our Digital Marketing institute in Raipur.


In conclusion, enrolling in a digital marketing course can lead you to work in a rewarding field that is constantly evolving and engaging both your creative and technical skills. With the potential for high salaries and the added benefit of it being recession-proof, the benefits of pursuing a career in digital marketing are countless. 

VIDA, our digital marketing institute in Raipur, allows students to experience agency culture and receive training from experienced professionals. As an agency-based institute, we offer an immersive digital marketing course in Raipur that enables students to witness firsthand how marketing professionals work and understand the industry’s current landscape. Our comprehensive curriculum teaches students how to utilise various tools and helps them develop a strong foundation in advertising and marketing. To enrol or learn more about our course, please contact us.

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